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Design Kids classes allow your children to discover their inner artist. All kids class are $25 per painter and include free pizza and juice! Parents are welcome and encouraged to paint during these family friendly classes. Check out our events calendar for available dates on Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

Interested in a new and exciting idea for your child’s birthday or family friendly special occasion?  You can host your party at Design & Dine, and each party guest will get to paint and bring home their very own masterpiece! Call us if you are interested in a Design Kids Private Party at 702-327-7325.

Kids love painting. This is why, when seeking fun activities for kids in Las Vegas, a Design Kids session is one of the most unique activities for kids in Las Vegas you should not miss out on.

As parents, we take care to provide our children with artistic opportunities starting at a very young age.  Once they start kindergarten they are further encouraged to express themselves through different forms of art.

As our children get older, naturally they begin to turn their focus on subjects such as reading, writing, math and science. Drawing and painting become restricted to art class, spare time or extracurricular activities.

Painting like real artists, by using paints and canvas, is a rare treat for most kids. This is why we decided to add a new and original option to the various fun activities for kids in Las Vegas. Allow your kids to discover their inner artist. Our vast experience at working with youngsters of all ages has proven to us that absolutely all kids possess artistic abilities, and through our classes they are able to expand their abilities.

Kiddo & Me and Design Kids is not a drop-off activity for children under the age of twelve. Any child under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the entire course of activities. We encourage you to seize the opportunity and paint alongside your little one, and take part in family activities in the Las Vegas scene. However, you may choose as an adult to be a non-painting participant during the kid’s sessions.

For all of our Design Kids, and Kiddo & Me classes, we provide you with all the things necessary to complete your masterpiece including: palette, paints, canvas, aprons, and enthusiastic and talented local Las Vegas artists who are also exceptional teachers and wholeheartedly enjoy interacting with kids.

All you need to do is show up at the scheduled time. We suggest that children wear old clothes, the kind you will not mind them getting paint on.

There is no shortage of activities in Las Vegas for kids, but you will be hard pressed to find another venue with such a wholesome and enriching experience as we are proud to offer. Las Vegas family activities are mostly all about fun, and Design Kids is no exception. Bearing this in mind, consider the added value of a unique art lesson, one which will probably spark an appetite for further creative opportunities geared towards painting and other artistic talents.

Activities for kids Las Vegas have never looked so colorful. A Design Kids painting experience is every bit as good as it sounds and more.

Residents, visitors and tourists from abroad all share the desire for family activities in Las Vegas.
Our central location, next to Rhodes Ranch Golf Course, just minutes from the world famous Las Vegas strip, makes us extremely easy to find. The map on our “contact us” page provides a detailed description of where we are located.

We invite all seekers of Las Vegas activities for kids to refer to our calendar and register for the Design Kids lesson most convenient for you. Certain days of the week we offer Kiddo & Me Classes, so that you can create a memorable experience painting side-by-side with your little one. Please refer to our calendar page for dates and times for kid friendly classes. We normally offer these sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

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